GCodePrintr Overview

GCodePrintr is an App for the mobile Android operating system to control 3D printers.
Today 3D Printers usually get controlled by a PC using a USB connection. Many PC tools are available to control 3D printers (like Printrun, Cura, Repetier Host, Octoprint). With GCodePrinter one can easily control 3D printers using the touch screen of an Android phone or tablet, and no longer need a PC.

The Android connects to the 3D printer via USB, the device must have the USB OTG/Host capability in order to connect to any printer. Alternatively Bluetooth is supported a well , together with a serial bluetooth module for your 3d printer (e.g. JY-MCU) it can print wireless.

GCodePrintr for Android with printer control panel
Initially the App has been developed for Reprap 3D printers, but many commercial 3D printers use the same G-Code based communitcation protocol. Therefore the App works with most available 3D printers (incl. Reprap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Makibox, Solidoodle, Robot3d, Multec Multirap).

All essential functions can be controlled though the touch screen interface, this includes manual X/Y/Z movement, Fan control, Temperature control, Extruder forward/reverse, Homing, Adjust printing speed and manage the SD Card content for printers with SD Card slot. There is even a experimental function to control the print head using finger wipes on the touch panel.

Once the GCode file is loaded , the App starts a simulation of the print process by painting the 3D model layer by layer to show how the print will progress. Each layer is painted in a different color to see how a layer overlaps with the layer below. A side view and a front view of the model is painted as well. Also, based on the parsed gcode results, the App calculates some very interesting informations like amount of filament needed, estimated cost, weight, print duration and more. This allows you to check how your print should turn out, making it easier to spot errors and fix them instead of wasting filament.

The slicer step still needs to be done on a PC using Skeinforge, Sli3r or other tools. There are many ways to copy the gcode to the Android App, either by using 3rd Party apps like Dropbox, CIFS client, file explorer or by using the build in network receiver which listens for incoming gcode files. Sending gcode files to the app can simply be added as a slicer post processing script to automate the send once the slicer is finished.

A simple web interface allows you to view the print status in a remote browser or to watch the video stream of the build in Webcam. All together, the gcode visualization and the printer control, nearly makes it a full-fledged replacement for the PC host software. Its main strength are: good mobility, low cost, low power consumption and reuse of old discarded Android devices.

GCodePrintr is currently the only Android App for 3D Printing with full functionality, it is available NOW in Google Play Store.

GCodePrintr Features

PC less Printing

GCodePrintr can load gcode files from the Android devices internal storage, sd-card or even dropbox folder. To do this you need to install an Android file manager (e.g ES File Explorer). Once the gcode file is loaded, it can be printed directly from the Android device. No PC is needed.

SD Card printing

If you have a SD Card reader in your printer, GCodePrintr can upload gcode files from the Android devices to the SD Card inside your printer (SD streaming). It can list files on the SD card and choose one for printing. The printer will print directly from SD card, GCodePrintr will report print status (percent complete) during SD card print, but in fact the android device is not needed during the print and can be turned off.

User defined macros

GCodePrintr supports user defined macros (series of gcodes).Users can define up to 9 macros (e.g. for bed leveling, filament change,..) and store it for later user. The macro execution dialog lets you easliy choose between your macros and execute them quickly.

Remote Web Interface

We introduced a simple webserver to view the print status with a web browser. Connect to the web interface using the Androids device IP with port 2323. It shows the print status and allows some operations like stop/pause the print job and start/stop IP Webcam streaming (Using IP Webcam App)

Adjust Print speed and extrusion factor while printing

GCodePrintr allows to adjust the print speed while printing (using M220 gcode). Increase or decrease the print speed with a single touch. Long press on speed+/- will adjust the extrusion rate (M221 gcode).

GCode Visualization and Simulation

GCodePrintr can visualize Gcodes and also simulate a 3D print. Instead of painting the model at once it is painting layer by layer to show how the print will progress. Each layer is painted in a different color to see how a layer overlaps with the layer below. A side view and a front view of the model is painted as well. All together allows you to check how your print should turn out, making it easier to spot errors and fix them instead of wasting filament.

Background Printing

Since version 1.52 GCodePrintr has an Android service to do printing in background. Once connected, the print service is started to handle the connection. Print jobs will be done by the service, the App itself can be closed. Print progress is shown on the notification panel (% complete + time remaining). Click on the notification, will open up the App and sync up with the service. Printer connection can be closed by pressing X on the notification (be careful, it will stop your print )

Wireless Printing over Bluetooth

GCodePrintr can connect to bluetooth enabled 3D printers. Any Reprap printer based on RAMPS can easily be extended to support bluetooth by connecting a JY-MCU module. See FAQ. Bluetooth Support

Network Receiver Feature

GCodePrintr can listens for gcode files received over any TCPIP network. Once enabled, by long-press the "load" button, it will listen to port 53232 for connections. Use Gcode Simulator for PC (>V1.07) to send gcode files from PC directly to your Android tablet to print them.
Network Receiver

Dropbox and Google Drive Support

GCodePrintr supports loading gcode files from Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud services. This allows you to store the sliced gcode files on your favorite cloud storage and load it into the App to print it.

NFC Tag Support

GCodePrintr can use NFC tags to store the printer related configuration. This allows you to easliy switch between multiple printer configurations just by holding your NFC capable device to the NFC tag.

Reseller & 3D Printer Distributors

3D Printer manufacturers can now bundle GCodePrintr with their printers. Instead of shipping with a tiny LCD display, 3D Printer companies can offer a much better user interface when integrating a tablet. The GCodePrintr App can be customized and branded with your company logo.
Make it look like your own 3D print App. Get your App with a fully customized look and feel
GCodePrintr can be a real differentiator for your 3D printer.
GCodePrintr might also be interesting for 3D Print shop owners, to give a user friendly interface to their customers.

Resellers can sell GCodePrintr Bundles which consist of a 1x GCodePrintr License key, 1x USB OTG Cable, 1x NFC Tag , 1x GCodePrintr Logo, 1x Simple phone stand.
If you are a reseller or sell your own 3D printers and you are interested in shipping your printer with a touch screen interface based on GCodePrintr,please contact gcode@dietzm.de

Reference Customers (customized and rebranded app):

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